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a sad goodbye from a Mentor that did a lot more than just help n00bs

Lindall was a Mentor that loved SL so much, just Google her name and you will see how much of an evangelist for SL she was.  almost any business knows the value of happy customers and the amount of word-of-mouth they generate.  those kind of customers are absolute gold.  they respect and rejoice in having customers that so love their product.  most companies spend huge amounts to advertise, like Macy’s spends 50% of their budget for advertising.  Linden Lab has troves of people like us and Lindall that create a positive buzz in the interwebs

while we may not agree with all she says, she has a viewpoint that not many are priviledged to have.  she has spent many hours helping n00bs and spreading the word in the bloggosphere on how valuable Second Life is, her  thoughts are just as valid as anyone else’s, and it is always good to understand all sides of as much as we can

Voltaire: I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

i emailed Lindall to get her permission to share this and she agreed.  so here is her goodbye note to the Mentors, it’s a huge loss


I’m leaving the Mentors, and this list.

It’s a very sad day for me.  I have always been so proud of being an SL Mentor, and spent many, many hours helping newcomers both in world and on the SL website forums.

But I’ve lost heart, after I read LL’s announcement on the blog today of upcoming policy changes in regards to adult content.

In my view, adult content is the one entertainment left in SL that has a chance of keeping the virtual economy afloat.  Sex…the preparation for it, anticipation of it, consummation of it…is the driving engine that underpins things like the avatar appearance industry, the housing industry, the club scene (not just strip clubs, but sedate places like ballrooms, too).  By stifling the creation and marketing of adult content, LL is about to deal SL its final blow.

And, in its usual ham-handed fashion, LL has announced a series of lofty, fine-sounding goals, with absolutely no idea of how to actually implement them.  The hints that blog and forum posts have given us so far indicate that their half-formed plans will cause massive disruption to the mainland, untold pain for thousands of individual businesses, and (I predict) a further precipitous decline in land prices.

Frankly, I don’t think SL can survive, this time…and I don’t propose to spend my remaining months in SL cheerfully telling newbies how to open their inventories.  Just the thought of it gives me an empty feeling of futility.

Why bother, when this will all soon be gone?

Besides that, I no longer want to have an official affiliation, even as a volunteer, with a group of people who are so utterly stupid, careless, and shortsighted.

For those who think I’m wrong, consider this:  LL says “many people” have complained of adult content offending them and detracting from their SL experience.  But how many is “many”?  Count the number of PG sims and compare them to the number of Mature sims.  This is a rough indication of what percentage of SL cares enough about avoiding adult content to do something about it.  What’s the figure, Mark?  Blue?  Anyone?  Surely LL knows what portion of the grid is PG.  I’ll bet anything in my inventory that it’s far from a majority.

More likely, some other visiting executive twitted M Linden in the washroom. “How does it feel to be the head of the largest cartoon porn company on the Web?  Har har har.”

And so, farewell.  After I hand in my resignation, I’ll be taking steps to tier down.  When my membership comes due, I’ll downgrade to Basic.  At the very least, we are in for some very rough times ahead.  I’m not investing a dime more in SL than I absolutely have to (a girl has to buy shoes once in a while!) until the dust settles.  I sincerely hope that it’s ONLY rough times.  In my opinion, though, when the dust settles, it will be on SL’s grave.

Lindal Kidd


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