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being nice is . . . nice!

i read the sl blog post about island prices going down. the knee jerk (or just – jerk) reaction is to get all whiny. ugh on that action ;p

blah, blah, blah – “i just bought x number of islands”, “you just cost me x number of dollars”, waah, waah, waah

well, i bought some diet red bull (fdang, need to send those red bull pics in to them) and then the next day i saw a coupon to save some cents, dang it! LOL, please if my biggest gripe in life is that based on an opportunity entirely created by another group (Linden Labs) for me to make a little money and then they change some of the rules . . .

the only one i can be mad at is me. why did i not create SL? (umm, i have some very obvious reasons – excuses – for that) next thing ya know i’ll read some hate stuff about Bill Gates . . . that no good guy, making a platform that created so many jobs . . . before anyone flames this . . . think of how absurd it is to be mad at anyone that makes something that then provides a previously not available opportunity to earn money. pffft

since so many people were so upset about that land pricing (i mean i understand what that means, instead of three sims right now i could have four or so – one is an OpenSpace so don’t even go there with busting me on the math, or go ahead and do the math, it’s a trivial matter), err, tangent – oh! so since LL was getting semi-reamed i popped into support live chat, spoke with one of my fave Lindens and just asked him to pass on a nice message of thanks for all the baloney they do behind the scenes to make SL nice.

and so? well, now I have a few more fave Lindens and some Linden bears. to me, imo, those Linden bears are worth way more than any “losses” i have.


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