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more virtual meetings

a short interview on a conference is here and it’s a good quick read on the sl blog.  there are challenges to having these inworld, but it’s inevitable that sl will become used more and more for this.  IBM has OpenSim tied into their instant messaging (sametime3D) and once people see it, they will want more like it

OpenSim uses the same viewer, so anyone in it has the same tools that we do isl.  the look is exactly the same, so once you start seeing more people having meetings in it, you’ll start to see more recorded meeting on YouTube.  once it’s out there on the interwebz more, the demand for similar style meetings will start to climb

over at subQuark, they want to partner with us on a new “corporate” venture and use our experience in virtual land to form a corporate offering for land.  many peeps can’t justify $295 a month for an entire sim, so subQ may be on to a niche market (btw, subQ is a partner in iliveisl, but a very silent one!)  =p

making some corporate sims (not part of the iliveisl estate) that guarantee only corporate use might work.  offering a quarter sim for $95 a month and built like we do could be attractive to some corporate users.  still working out details such as having some public land and all that stuff


hooray for Philip Linden!

wow, maybe we are kinda psycho – from being so discouraged with the openspace disater (yes, it was a disaster to us and many of our residents – after all, something like 14,700 OpenSpaces are gone now!)

anyway, from being all “bah” to all “yay”  \o/

maybe it’s cuz Philip is back in action (i’m sure he was busy behind the scenes).  it’s nice to see something that he did that affects us and that is the slurl map.  it used to be a big part of our website until it pooped out like 6 months ago.  even had Guy Linden meet with me inworld to look at it (that was pretty awesome support, submit a ticket and then get with a real Linden for support inworld – impressive)

as the chairman of the board, Philip is the highest ranking officer of the company (yah, and the passion behind it all) and it just felt really good to see his hand back in it again, really boosts our confidence in sl.  thanks Philip!  =)

*waves to philip*

Linden Labs continues to push forward

eager anticipation for the new sl web page by big spaceship! the initial user experience is super critical, in fact, a person makes up their mind about a website in a few milliseconds.  of course, sl is diff than a normal site cuz most peeps are specifically going there to try sl

but those first few milliseconds do affect the impression a new person forms of sl. why does it matter?  and why are they doing this and not working on the viewer? 

it matters for the overall success of SL and it’s naive to take a simple approach and think that the viewer is not being worked on.  as a biz, Linden Labs works on many, many fronts.  from the viewer to the way peeps communicate on the sl site to pricing to this, and way more

and in this economic time it would be easy for them to say “stop” we can’t spend right now, but the successful companies continue to move forward and that says a lot about Linden’s vison and passion.  and you can’t beat passion

so hats off to LL and they are working on ensuring they stay number one in virtual worlds  =D

nice sl blog post

pretty cool to see how other peeps are using sl, the latest post shows some inworld video interviews and is insightful.  now if suquark would get off his tail (ya, i know, he’s waiting for some answer back from LL licensing, he is a stickler for that stuff, even though that other Hax’s vids on the sl wiki don’t seem to follow the LL guidelines, just my 2 cents)

go for it subQ, ya don’t need all the starts to be lined up!  do it!  =p  go post on his blog and say “do it!”

holy crud! a Linden!

wowee!!!  it does not take much for us to spaz . . . but . . . a comment from Catherine Linden!  weeeee!

well there is serious proof that Linden Labs is working on making a better member experiences.  many peeps reading blogs have no idea how much work it takes to keep up and post and try to stay current.

and to actively seek out little bloggers like us?  well either someone had a lot of free time (having been to linden labs, that for sure is not true) or they do care.  and we know they care, whether a support ticket, the sl forum, Live Chat, a phone call to support and now this?

linden labs does care and it is an awesome opportunity to create, collaborate, and express yourself

thanks Catherine, and Linden Labs, you guys are wonderful  =)

lots of action at linden labs

we don’t often get into talking about the SL blog, except for the openspace pricing thing. and we did that because it affects 36 of our residents. but it’s not a bad thing to review the sl blog, in fact it’s pretty exciting what is going on

it’s easy to get caught up in little stuff, like i lost my left shoe and it’s not in my inventory, or how come i can’t tp right this minute. but sl is really advanced. after all it’s a sharable 3D application and has to balance “what can be” with reality.

it has to run on pretty “normal” pcs (and macs) if it’s going to be able to even exist but it has to throttle way back on how detailed the graphics are. both me and subQ know Blender 3D (i once made an animated short story with it, and OMG, it took like 5 months to finish 60 seconds – and like a week of rendering it out on two pcs)

so trust me, sl graphics could be way more detailed, but then very few peeps could use it.

anyway, back to the sl blog – so they hired the big spaceship to increase initial retention, why does that matter? well the more people that can explore sl and realize it’s a great tool (remember, it really is software) the longer sl will be around and the better the stuff in sl will become. there will be more talented people that will “get it” if they can just make it through orientation island and have a clear understanding of what sl is

mentors constantly get questions like “what is there to do here?”, “what do you do here?” (and also sordid and naughty questions to which i always think “omg, you just rezzed here like 3 minutes ago and you just want to know about ___?”)

so be an ambassador to sl and help noobs out. sure lots of them are major pias, but everyone was a n00b at some point and some of those n00bs turned out to be pretty cool 9lol Allison? are ya reading this?) =D

btw, the latest post on sl

oh want to read me rant?  lol, it sounds like we are Linden Labs, but we’re not, just tahnkful for the easy opportunity to have a virtual biz, anyway, see what happens when some of us get too much caffeine!  read the rant

lol, the rant and pseudo love fest continues here

holy crap, ener goes apeshit here!

iliveisl OpenSpace Sim Update

okay, so many of you know about the openspace fiasco at Linden labs. despite what our opinion is, Linden is raising the price of OpenSpace sims. there are 13 of them on the iliveisl estate and they were wonderful for three homes or less. no one on the estate abused the use of these sims, but things change. no need to dwell on that (we were deeply hurt and felt betrayed – can you believe that we still have not received formal notification of this? and you guys know how much we pay Linden)

lol, so much for not getting off on a tangent  :p

Starting January 1st, all openspace sim lots will be $9,500L per month for 1,006 prim properties

Some openspace sims will disappear and be used for conversion to full sims (see previous post)

Starting June 15th, all openspace sim lots will be $12,500L per month for 1,006 prim properties

This means that in June, the cost per prim will be 67% higher than on “full sims”.  Full sims are NOT affected by this. Enerville and Enercity sims will stay the same as they are now (unless some price increase comes from Linden).

you already know that we have very fair prices (lol, read, we don’t break even yet) and we hope you stay with us.  we genuinely want people to have nice places to call home or use for business, so keep up here to see what we come up with (like the previous post)

thanks and remember, we can all make sl what we want it to be.  for some they like the creative side, others the social, and some even love the drama, and it’s all good.  have fun  =D

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