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welcome PhoenixPhire Aeon to iliveisl!

PhoenixPhire Aeon joined the iliveisl team this week and what a great addition! Holy smokes, PhoenixPhire is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of land isl. Not only that, but PhoenixPhire has a phenomenal eye for detail!

LOL, three of us had looked at Enercity Harbor carefully, sketched it out on paper, discussed details at length but . . . PhoenixPhire was able to spot mistakes we had made and helped us rectify them (like mis-numbered parcel addresses, et cetera).

We are indeed very fortunate to have PhoenixPhire not only join us, but quickly get on the fast track to becoming an Estate Manager. We look forward to a very long-term relationship and to PhoenixPhire’s ability to match the needs of residents with the right land.

Please welcome PhoenixPhire and maybe even talk about land. Plus, how cool is it to have Phoenix in your name!?! =)


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