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Weekly vs. Monthly Tiers

In a quest to educate our potential customers, here is a how to compare tier fees in regard to weekly versus monthly payment.

Of course, we will use the iliveiSL estate as a comparison.

Our top real estate agent actually sparked this discussion.  Some other estate was advertising a parcel of 4,096 square metres for $1,700L per week and our agent said “hey, that’s cheaper”

Well since our plans, that were published a post or two back showed how our long term financial plans are set, we had a tough time believing anyone could have as competitive rates as we do.

So here’s how to compare:

  • them: 4,096 sm/937 prim at $1,700L per week
  • us: 4,096 sm/1006 prim at $7,900L per month

Our “month” is 31 days, their week is 7 days, so take their fee and multiply by 4.43 (weeks in a month) and you get $7,531.  Seems cheaper right?  But what about the prims?  Those are usually what you run out of, not area.

So we have 10% more prims, thus take their number and multiply it by 110% to get the real cost of $8,284!

So you can see that their land costs more when you consider area and prims.  But wait!   :)

Their property lines all touch each other.  Ours all have open space to make buffer zones.  So it’s clear about value and you can see that the math was really no big deal to do.

Just remember that there are 4.43 weeks per 31 day month, don’t just take the weekly rate and multiply by 4.  That ends up costing you a lot.

In this example, $4,608L per year more to own their land!  That’s more than enough to buy our 4,096 sm priced at $4,096!


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