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Sim Plans are up on Flickr! :)

Well from paper to images . . . finally. LOL, the intent was to get this done before the first sim went live. Now we are just awaiting the Concierge Team to deliver our next two sims! The advent of being able to buy OpenSpaces one at a time is a real help but slows down sim delivery because it is currently a manual process for LL. Live Chat last nite told us that the two new sims should be online within 10 days, which is fine by us. :)

So here is the slideshow link and if you follow this link you will see the set and lots of notes about Phase I. Thanks and have fun isl! ^_^

sim010, originally uploaded by

Enerville Homes o_O

enervilleHomes, originally uploaded by

funny how the universe works, we wanted to add anOpenSpace and stuck that in the sign above, well . . . 2 days later, not only are we adding an OpenSpace, but the start of Enercity too (i’m gonna smack Sunnygirl and Leoj on this entire “Ener” business!  lol, it’s actually kinda funny since it is so corny!)  =D

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