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more virtual meetings

a short interview on a conference is here and it’s a good quick read on the sl blog.  there are challenges to having these inworld, but it’s inevitable that sl will become used more and more for this.  IBM has OpenSim tied into their instant messaging (sametime3D) and once people see it, they will want more like it

OpenSim uses the same viewer, so anyone in it has the same tools that we do isl.  the look is exactly the same, so once you start seeing more people having meetings in it, you’ll start to see more recorded meeting on YouTube.  once it’s out there on the interwebz more, the demand for similar style meetings will start to climb

over at subQuark, they want to partner with us on a new “corporate” venture and use our experience in virtual land to form a corporate offering for land.  many peeps can’t justify $295 a month for an entire sim, so subQ may be on to a niche market (btw, subQ is a partner in iliveisl, but a very silent one!)  =p

making some corporate sims (not part of the iliveisl estate) that guarantee only corporate use might work.  offering a quarter sim for $95 a month and built like we do could be attractive to some corporate users.  still working out details such as having some public land and all that stuff


WordPress growing blog of the day

for whatever it is worth, this blog (iliveisl) was listed as 50th in wordpress’s Blog of the Day in the Growing Blog listing in January  o_O

we do get a lot of hits and we did get a lot of hits today too, but come on? really? the 50th top growing blog?

maybe cuz of subQ’s blog post on fascinating things like our masterful coffee cup? he got a pingback from another blog that is pretty big in the e-learning world

maybe people just like Second Life rotating coffee cup ads? =p

maybe everyone needed a little more caffeine today (maybe we should sell the rotating coffee cup and move the iliveisl rl offices to bermuda?)

anyway you slice it (the pie to go with the coffee?), it’s pretty cool to get that kind of traffic out of the zillion blogs out here

*steps into the limelight and grins* =D

thanks subQ for the graphic upload

thanks subQ for the graphic upload

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