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estate map january 09

estateMap0109, originally uploaded by iliveisl

with the completion of the conversion of 9 openspace sims, the estate plan continues to be the same but will not have any new homestead sims added

most new regions will be full sims but there will be the addition of true openspaces as we grow to create park and water areas similar to Enercity Park (watch out for zombies)

have fun! =D

lol, our status update is way simpler (and mentions zombies) than Linden’s! :p


Coalesced Objects & Two New Sims

Coalesced Objects, originally uploaded by iliveisl

so the sim conversions went very well, sat on one of the sims till SL booted me off. kinda sad, but also the start of a new chapter, when all was said and done, the estate actually grew by 3/4 of a sim (since 4 OS = 1 full)

seems like peeps like it a lot, certainly a lot of prims, but it also means we can plant more trees too

both converted sims have loads of trees (lol, the tropic one might have like 400 when we are done!) o_O

[15:46] pam N: i love the new location
[15:46] pam N: very nice area
[15:46] pam N: u do great work

thank you pam, and everyone else with for your kind words, it’s you that bring the sims to life and transform them into fantastic and beautiful homes. thank you for being here =)

ps – the pic is what is called a coalesced object in your inventory.  it will happen if you select several itesm and take them at one tiime, in which case the object will be called whatever the last (also called the root) prim that was selected was named.  it also happens if several things get returned at one time, like when the sims were taken offline for the conversion

w00f, conversions done . . .

wow! the conversions went well, and it was bittersweet hanging out on one of those sims until the conversion forced a log off.

BUT! the new sims look pretty nice and the pacific northwest one filled up fast! within 36 hours of being online, 8 of the 9 spots were taken! now we still have loads of tree and bush planting to do . . .

the tropical sim is also very nice with a volcano in the middle as a parcel. palm tree planting is also underway as well and will really set it apart (be like 400+ trees on it) o_O

so anyway, thank you all for being so patient and helpful and creative. the next project is for a group of really dedicated residents who are pulling together a sim so they can be neighbors, that one should be coming very soon

thank you all, you make sl lots of fun :)

iliveisl site gets content update

findingLand, originally uploaded by iliveisl

\o/ despite stoopid drama this afternoon (we are sooo lucky to not have much of that, thank god cuz it sux) we redid the content of the iliveisl website.

some had to be changed cuz of openspace changes in the next few weeks and some just needed updating

this page was added to help peeps find land for sale, but remember that the inworld map takes a like a day (seems like more at times) to update

anyway, have fun! *save the drama for your mama* :p

free sims from sl?

as you may know, the iliveisl estate’s first phase will be 52 sims and the second will be another 52.  and even with the conversion of 9 OS sims, we are still growing with the addition of two new full sims in the last month. 

but we were curious when we read this sl post on adding free sims to private estates!  now they remain Linden sims and are connected to their Nautilus City.  but those sims add a lot of value to those private estates.  we are just curious to see what perks we may get when we hit 130 sims.  our residents are among the very best isl and we love them tremendously and many love us back just as much (it’s a big hippie lovefest!)  :p  we have our openspace park for Enercity and as we grow will have more true openspaces (at our expense, but as a def value for our peeps)

so no complaints (lol, next to Torley, me and the subQ are the biggest sl evangelists out there!), just curious  :)

oops, Ener goes ape again on other blogs about this

hd on Linden Labs, we will be at 130+ soon   =D

New Residential Sim Model Open

newResidentialSim, originally uploaded by iliveisl

w00t! the sample sim is up for a few weeks, come check it out! It is better than we expected for the openspace option.

You get 1,451 prims for $10,500 L per month. And if you pay four months at a time, it costs $9,450 L per month.

That is WAY better than $12,500 for 1,006 prims!

slurl | more pics

nice sl blog post

pretty cool to see how other peeps are using sl, the latest post shows some inworld video interviews and is insightful.  now if suquark would get off his tail (ya, i know, he’s waiting for some answer back from LL licensing, he is a stickler for that stuff, even though that other Hax’s vids on the sl wiki don’t seem to follow the LL guidelines, just my 2 cents)

go for it subQ, ya don’t need all the starts to be lined up!  do it!  =p  go post on his blog and say “do it!”