iliveiSL tag line clarification

Linden Labs is cracking down on copyright which is a very good thing.  And so are we.  We are limiting direct referencing to Second Life because we are exploring other virtual worlds as well.  We are also concerned with an assumption that the SL in “iliveiSL” directly means Second Life. 

While “isl” and “irl” are used extensively in Second Life, we do not intend to exploit the “SL” part, as in “i live i SL”.  Our tag is intended to be applicable to all metaverses and virtual worlds.  So to be clear, we added a line below our site copyright saying “i live in spectacular lands”. 

Spectacular?  You better believe it.  We are so friggin’ meticulous in all that we do.

Just see out flickr pics on laying out Enerville!  OMG!!!  making HUGE shapes to mark out the parcels?  Using only Straylight trees and butterflies.  Making scale models of the sim and programming the hippo cubes to move over the proper place on that model.  we are beyond meticulous, we are downright persnikitty!!!  =p

so “i live in spectacular lands” is all about making an awesome place for you!  Thanks for reading, make a comment or something?  *crickets* *tumbleweeds*  ^_^


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