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Enerville’s Second Resident

Enerville’s Second Resident, Originally uploaded by iliveisl

it was kinda sad, our second ever resident of the estate has left sl. she gave it a good run and was with us for 6 months.  but sl is about change, and her lot has already been purchased by someone else

her architecture still remains among our favourite and thus we documented her very cool build (and entirely in line with what we always envisioned for Enerville)

we wish you the very best in all your endeavors! =D


Sheriff McCallister?

wow, is it time to have some law on the estate? an official arse kicker? perhaps. the only one we would trust with that kind of power and authority would be DW McCallister (initials always seem more badazz). she has been there since day one of the estate and that is a claim that means a lot to us

Eville Atomic Lounge, reborn! Free Martinis For All!!!!

EvilleAtomicLounge_001, originally uploaded by iliveiSL.

holy cow! after poofing 580 objects and a month of work, ener and subquark put it all together again
and it’s bigger and better. there is now a group for the Eville Atomic Loinge that allows for people to host their own parties. just ask for an invite and you are able to set media options and rez your party stuff. this way we hope to avoid scheduling conflicts. once the party is done, we drop you from the group and all you have to do is ask again
dang, forgot to add our Super Officer DreamWalker. she has graciously offered her talents to add people to this group in case none of us are online. thank you Dreamwalker! ^_^

Some lessons are best learned the hard way :(

well, it’s a learning opportunity.  was setting up the Enerville Fallout Shelter to be in it’s own group so that peeps can do parties there and set their own media.  well . . . deeding the land to a new group Eville Atomic Lounge, made all 110 objects go POOF!  O_O

waaaaah, omg, it took a month to make that thing! thank god a copy of at least the physical structure was taken after it was built (hope that includes the big metal bank vault door.  even the Enerville Waterfalls are gone, wow.  :(

Well at least it’s all in the lost and found folder and it can probably be rebuilt in a matter of an hour or so.

Enerville Homes o_O

enervilleHomes, originally uploaded by

funny how the universe works, we wanted to add anOpenSpace and stuck that in the sign above, well . . . 2 days later, not only are we adding an OpenSpace, but the start of Enercity too (i’m gonna smack Sunnygirl and Leoj on this entire “Ener” business!  lol, it’s actually kinda funny since it is so corny!)  =D

iliveiSL is getting a content update

and consolidation!  way too much crap on that site, so it’s getting condensed.  fewer pages and more meat. dumped the paypal payment option and opted for pure inworld payment. why? well it’s way easier and more secure.  more secure? sure, no need for a paypal account and subsequent privacy concerns with the paypal account visibility.  it’s not our business who you are, or who is paying for you. 

more secure as well just by having fewer steps in the entire process.  you buy land inworld via the Linden process (right click on land and select Buy Land) and then do tier payments via our Hippo system.  hippo takes security very seriously and is so well proven inworld.

so for Second Life real estate at very close to Linden prices, check us out in world

iliveiSL tag line clarification

Linden Labs is cracking down on copyright which is a very good thing.  And so are we.  We are limiting direct referencing to Second Life because we are exploring other virtual worlds as well.  We are also concerned with an assumption that the SL in “iliveiSL” directly means Second Life. 

While “isl” and “irl” are used extensively in Second Life, we do not intend to exploit the “SL” part, as in “i live i SL”.  Our tag is intended to be applicable to all metaverses and virtual worlds.  So to be clear, we added a line below our site copyright saying “i live in spectacular lands”. 

Spectacular?  You better believe it.  We are so friggin’ meticulous in all that we do.

Just see out flickr pics on laying out Enerville!  OMG!!!  making HUGE shapes to mark out the parcels?  Using only Straylight trees and butterflies.  Making scale models of the sim and programming the hippo cubes to move over the proper place on that model.  we are beyond meticulous, we are downright persnikitty!!!  =p

so “i live in spectacular lands” is all about making an awesome place for you!  Thanks for reading, make a comment or something?  *crickets* *tumbleweeds*  ^_^

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