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holy over reaction

anyone that knows Ener Hax should know what a caring, easy going, and fairly generous person they are.  well evidently this post:  my land is doing well, thank you Linden for the opportunity )


garnered enough emotion to have a resident track down and look at the estate in question and send a curt IM indicating that ” my land is doing well” is not correct and basically indicating that there is no clue about what success is.  how dare someone say what that means and define success for anyone else?  shoot, in the US that freedom of expression is cherished.  In fact, don’t Americans love the Voltaire quote: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. “

well anyway, I guess it’s times like this when Ener Hax and Subquark Hax are glad to be Canadians, although Subquark is flying a nice wool American Flag in celebration of the fourth (and he is a nut about it, never let’s it touch the ground, folds it to military standards; hmm, more respect for the flag than shown to Ener).  America is a great country and sometimes it takes actions like these to remind you how good life really is in the US.  if that is what gets someone bent out of shape, then life is pretty good

but that crazy Ener shall be heavily reprimanded for having a positive outlook and writing such inflammatory words, sheesh “thank you for the opportunity” . . . you’d think this is the land of opportunity or something . . .

derr (edit): a quick IM from EH corrected me, it was not Voltaire, but is often cited as such, who said that quote.  sorry about that.