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w00t, our favourite day of the year is here

=D   \o/  thanks Poledra B. for the message on the forums!

that was wonderful!  *blows out candles*




free sims from sl?

as you may know, the iliveisl estate’s first phase will be 52 sims and the second will be another 52.  and even with the conversion of 9 OS sims, we are still growing with the addition of two new full sims in the last month. 

but we were curious when we read this sl post on adding free sims to private estates!  now they remain Linden sims and are connected to their Nautilus City.  but those sims add a lot of value to those private estates.  we are just curious to see what perks we may get when we hit 130 sims.  our residents are among the very best isl and we love them tremendously and many love us back just as much (it’s a big hippie lovefest!)  :p  we have our openspace park for Enercity and as we grow will have more true openspaces (at our expense, but as a def value for our peeps)

so no complaints (lol, next to Torley, me and the subQ are the biggest sl evangelists out there!), just curious  :)

oops, Ener goes ape again on other blogs about this

hd on Linden Labs, we will be at 130+ soon   =D