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Here’s the new tropic sim

9LotTropicVolcano_002, originally uploaded by iliveisl

since we are paying for so many sims sitting empty, figured why not terraform them and save the raw files.  this is kinda neat with a dormant volcano in the centre as a parcel.

it does not have any trees on it, but the real one will be loaded with palms and ferns and should feel private (plus there is a lot of public space between the lots) :)

4,096 square metres | 1,451 prims | $10,500 L a month ($9,450 if ya pay 4 months in advance)

the price per prim is great, shop around and check it out.  this one should be ready to go on Tuesday or Wednesday (lol, call me speedy)


Enercay Midkey

enercayMidkey_021, Originally uploaded by iliveiSL

a second tropical sim is added. within a few hours of going live with it, we started having visitors, not quite sure how anyone finds it so fast?

soon it will connect up with the rest of the estate and allow for lots of water and air travel :)

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