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OpenSpace sims are so popular for homes

we have added a new one today!

it’s easy to see the reason: privacy and personal space. as avatars, we typically do not view the world through our eyes (mouselook) but from the default above and back camera angle.  this means buildings typically have tall ceilings and more space is required outside.

a property lot of 4,096 square metres is about an acre in size, yet it is not unusual to see homes that nearly cover this standard size parcel.  irl that would be a huge home. so a region divided into 16 parcels of 4,096 each is pretty normal (not at iliveisl, we like free space between lots for a sense of privacy and to allow landscaping to maintain a cohesive feel throughout the estate).

if that same region would have 16 “normal” homes on it, it would seem very crowded, however irl, a 16 acre neighborhood with 16 homes would be somewhat luxurious.

so OpenSpaces fulfill that sense of space and we only allow three lots of 4096 on each, thus giving a lot of space to residents.  we also keep the number down since an OpenSpace does not have the resources of a normal sim.