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somewhat slow?

yes i am, and while we try to write this blog as a collective, tonite it’s just ener hax with the pen.  lol, i just discovered that Linden has a Second Life Flickr group.  how tragic is that?  i mean me catching on about that (not like they have banner ads on talking about it)  :p

and it’s not like i don’t know what flickr is.  between me and subquark, we have almost 1000 pics up there!

needless to say, wonderment came over me as i saw that there are almost a quarter of a million images in the group!  holy smokes!  well, that concludes my humility traing of the nite, i am certain that more opportunities for enlightment are in store for me.  but then . . . without learning new things, what’s the point of breathing?

good nite all *looks forward to all those pics to peruse*


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