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Prim Perfect: Issue 9: May 2008

Yay! the new issue is out! we are thrilled since our ads are in there, but it’s alos a really great sl magazine with really nicely written articles and well laid out graphics. probably, in out opinion, the nicest sl mag out!

and congrats Prim Perfect on your first year. may you have many more

Prim Perfect: Issue 9: May 2008, originally uploaded by primperfect.

get the pdf directly from here


Enercity Harbor nears completion

glassyReflection_005, originally uploaded by

this could be your new home isl. prices are $11,600L for a 2912 square metre parcel, but it has a 1.3 prim bonus! so that is 866 prims per parcel!!! typically peeps run out of prims before space, so for this city theme, we wanted to give as much as we could.

the tier is $5800L and comparable to LL (actually, the prims are 30% more than LL and no need to be a premium member).

check it out more at

mega props to Ener Hax for all the incredible work on the terrain mapping.  those friggin RAW files are so impossible to work with. and double props to Subquark Hax for doing the financial calculations and hooking up with Prim Perfect Magazine!

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