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Allison’ s Airship

allisonsShop_005, Originally uploaded by iliveiSL

wow, that is pretty cool! megaprims rock so hard :)

and what fantastic creativity by one of our new boutique land owners. just proves that with excellent building skills and real design passion, phenomenal things can be built without getting nuts on prim count!

nice job and the textures are fabulous :)


Boutique Shop Spaces

after a few requests for smaller parcels, we created 4 spots that are about 1,248 square metres, hold 371 prims and go for $2,900L per month (or $692L per week). they are located in Enercity and one has already sold to a really neat, highly-detailed builder.  he specializes in vintage TVs and stereos.  he can even do custom work

lol, he is making a custom retro Ener Cola cooler!  it even makes steam when you open the lid to get a soda!  =D

anyway, the plots are an experiment and if popular, we will make some more.  of course, they are fully bordered by public spaces and made to be easy to reach and use.  

so if you have thought about giving a shop a try, it comes out to like $11 USD a month for a piece of virtual real estate!  see you inworld! :)

oh, for comparison: 1,024 sm of mainland is $8 USD per month and 234 prims (in other words, it would cost $12.68 for this prim count on the mainland compared to our $11.32)

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