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Festival Field and houseboats and cabins, oh my!

residentsCreations_009, Originally uploaded by iliveiSL

Geoff Quinnell and Penelope Fullstop of the iliveisl estate has the neatest houseboats for rent!  What a great way to have a home isl and for an excellent price.  He also has cabins!  And wonderful music events.

here’s info from his notecards:

Welcome to Enerville Marina, home to 12 BRAND NEW, permanently moored rental houseboats.

There are 12 houseboats permanently moored at Enerville Marina, each with two large balconies over-looking the beautiful Enerville waters and each furnished with a 100 animation sex bed, bedroom suite, fully fitted kitchen, sofa and stove.

For your privacy, all windows have fitted blinds and all doors are lockable.

The houseboats are available furnished (as above), with an extra 25 prims for your personal items, or if you prefer, as un-furnished, empty houseboats, with 75 prims.

Both options are available at L$250 per week (minimum 3 weeks rental).

There are 6 chalet/cabins at Festival Field, each with a large balcony over-looking the beautiful Ener Strait waterfront, and private access to Festival Field live music venue, home to SL’s greatest tribute bands.

For your privacy, all windows have fitted blinds and all doors are lockable.

The chalet/cabins are available, with 100 prims for your personal items, and are available at L$400 per week (minimum 2 weeks rental).

Our rules are simple, just be nice to your neighbours and respect their privacy… oh and no hover text please!

FESTIVAL FIELD / Live Music Venue, Enercity Harbor (193, 221, 29)

Please IM Geoff Quinnell or Penelope Fullstop if you need more information.

Thank you.

FESTIVAL FIELD, Enercity Harbor (138, 202, 30)

Note: search inworld for Enerville or Enercity   =D


Festival Field in Looking Glass Magazine

first off how cool is that for a name of a magazine on SL?  but more importantly, how great is it that Geoff Quinnell ranked nice press for his event.  despite sl having a few “minor” issues (hmm, TP failure, profile failure, derrr), Geoff and his gang pulled off a nice festival.

learn more here, hope yours truly gets invited to the next (i don’t crash parties isl), i sure would pass the word on to anyone i know online (doh! 295 friends in the list)  o_O

Very cool place Festival Field is and the details in it place are incredible.  you want to see great tents?  holy smokes, Geoff is a master with textures (and imagination)  ^_^

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