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hop mr bunny!!!

mrbunny_017, originally uploaded by iliveisl

look out, some meanie with the initials A.W. is after you =D hey if you can’t have fun isl, then why are you here? smiling is nice =)

mr bunny rules enercity park. even the zombies steer clear of mr bunny

update: w00t, while making a home for mr bunny . . .

while we were messing with trying to figure out what to do with a true openspace sim (the park) and its measly 750 prims (there’s a reason only 300 OS sims remain out of the 14,700 from a few months back. . .) other activity was going on in the park. seems like it’s the film studio of our very own mystery avatar Subquark Hax! apart from being generous (read: poor biz sense) in donating land to elearning peeps, subQ has been using the park as a backdrop for video tuts. usually there is no crossover between subQ’s education stuff and the estate, except for the aforementioned land stuff and the eBay/Sun Microsystem dealio this summer, but this is kinda cool.  looks like (from pingbacks – sounds like i know what i am talking about but wordpress makes it easy to research pingbacks on any blog) subQ is ranking big time in his elearning world (i am slightly biased toward the big twonk). anyway, all this to giva ya props subQ, well done!



enercityWeston_011, originally uploaded by iliveisl

can you see the butterfly in Enercity park?

the lake is a representation of the butterfly which, in turn, is representative of

the soul’s emergence from the mundane


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