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iliveisl estate

Subquark Hax went nuts with a photo set of the entire estate!  bugged by being shy of 1,000 images in flickr, he ended up taking 214 pics!!!

just random pics and it just shows how much the estate is all about the people.  a large variety fo things and homes show that these are among the most creative people in second life

our residents are really wonderful, and despite a few small things here and there, we would not trade them for the world.  lol, they created a wonderful virtual world right here and we are so honored by all of them

thank you for trusting us with your virtual real estate needs in second life.  the estate is only 6 months old, but as you can see, it is teaming with great builds, incredible people and just awesome to be a part of  :)
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new home construction

the first of a series of custom-made homes created by inspired by an episode of Extreme Homes on HGTV.  it’s a very simple home that comes free with the land, or maybe purchased for $7995 L.

view the flickr slide show

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